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The Castle of many Courtyards

While traversing the six courtyards, medieval times come back to life. This castle is exactly 1.051 ms long and our landmark. Feel free to join a guided tour.

The Town Museum

It´s a must for every castle visitor. There is so much to find out about the artistic, cultural and daily life history of the town upon the river Salzach. Founded in 1899, it really is well worth a visit.

House of Photography

The museum at the entrance of the castle was founded in 1983. It introduces you to the fascinating history of photography. This museum might not only interest seasoned photographers . . .

Jazz Week

Internationale Jazzwoche Burghausen is a jazz festival in Germany. It was founded in 1970 by Joe Viera.


(The Craftmen's Mile) Located at the foot of the castle mountain is a path that takes you through the "Grüben" with a plethora of very old houses, craftmen´s shops and small restaurants. At the "Bichl" many concerts are held during summertime.


(a particular kind of boat, boat ride) Going on a boat ride with one of the old salt transport barges will show you Salzach valley and the town from a very different perspective. Starting from Tittmoning to Raitenhaslach and arriving in Burghausen: a wonderful experience!

Monastery Raitenhaslach

A true gem of the Bavarian Baroque Period. A prelate's residence with a long history that today houses scientific researchers for Munich's technical university.



What cannot be missed when going towards Raitenhaslach: the famous pilgrimage church of St. Maria Himmelfahrt in Marienberg. The church is also called  "Gem of the Salzach Valley".



About 10 kms from Burghausen, you will find the small town of Marktl - the birthplace of pope Benedikt XVI. Marktl is located at the exit of motorway A94 driving north.



Check out the upper-Bavarian town and spiritual centre where the world-reknowned Chapel of Grace is located. You will reach the town by car within 10 minutes.

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